I started studying music at the age of 5 years old.

In 1993 I worked as Midi File Programmer at GENERALMUSIC S.p.A.

In 1995 I set up a collaboration with MICHELE CENTONZE (Luciano Pavarotti’s music producer) and I worked as songwriter and pianist for the album " Daniela è felice " - MIETTA.

In that autumn I followed MIETTA in her music promotion tour in all the television and radio programs and

In 1995 I played piano for the artist JOVANOTTI at “Tenco Award ’95" (Ariston Theater - Sanremo).

In 1996, I won the "Festival of San Marino '96 “ as best music producer .

In the same year I produced some songs on the album " They will never take " STEFANO D' ORAZIO, leader of the band “VERNICE (very popular in Italy for hits like " Su e giù " and "Quando tramonta il sole "), released in the spring of 1997 by SONY MUSIC.

In 1998 I worked at IDEADROME, renowned media company, as song-writer and musician for the soundtracks of many CD-ROM and Web Sites, as that of the italian football team INTER FC.

Moreover in 1998 I arranged some song for the GEMINI BAND , winner of " Un disco per l’estate '98".

In 1998, I collaborated with the band “DIROTTA SU CUBA producing part of the album " Notti d’Estate " .

In 1999 I wrote some soundtracks for broadcaster "E ' TV."
Also in 1999 I was the Pianist and the Musical Director for the musical "RENT" produced in Italy by LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, participating in tour for the years 2000 and 2001.
I also was the arranger and pianist of soundtracks cd with the featuring of SKIN , singer of Skunk Anansie (2000)
I collaborated to the realization of the album “Rent” with SKIN , singer of the band SKUNK ANANSIE.

In 2000 and in 2001 I collaborated with the producer Michele Centonze to the production of two editions of " PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS “ ( the important festival organized by Master Pavarotti, with the greatest star like U2, STING, BARRY WHITE, JAMES BROWN, and many other).
Also in 2000 I produced the album "VISIONI" - SARA6 (lead singer of band “TAGLIA 42 ").
The song " BOCCA ", competed at the Festival di Sanremo 2001.

Again in 2000 I produced a single for Massimo Greco " SEI TUTTO QUELLO CHE VORREI " (Warner).

In 2001 I collaborated alongside FIO ZANOTTI AND GIANNI BELLA to the creation of the album " PASSATO E PRESENTE " of MARCELLA BELLA.

In 2002 I worked on the album " PER SEMPRE " by ADRIANO CELENTANO.

In the summer of 2003 I produced the album " Chocolat " by KELLY JOYCE (famous for the song " Vivre la Vie ") -Universal Music.
The single " Little Kaige " was in the top 50 and she participated in most important Festivals and TV shows ( like " Festivalbar " , "Top of the Pops ", " A record for the summer " and many others ).

The album sold more than 1 million copies in all around the world especially in France and in Canada.

In 2004 I collaborated with the producer Celso Valli to the realization of some songs of the singer NICOLAS BONAZZI, presented at the Sanremo Festival.

Also in 2004 I taught at the "Master International Film Music " at the National Film School of Cinecittà - Rome.

In 2005, I collaborated with GIANNI BELLA to the realization of the soundtrack of " The short night " (RAI UNO), an italian movie starred by Giuliana De Sio , Enrico Silvestrin and directed by Camilla Costanzo .

Again in 2005 I produced the music of the musical " Christmas Show “.

In 2006 I still was the musical director of the musical " RENT " at the National Theatre of Milan.

I arranged and produced " Tace il labbro " (adapted from " La vedova allegra " by Franz Lehar ) for the famous soprano Cosetta Gigli.

In 2007 I arranged the album " Forever, per Sempre " by GIANNI E MARCELLA BELLA.

In 2008, I directed the ORCHESTRA OF SANREMO FESTIVAL for the artist FRANCESCO RAPETTI , son of the famous songwriter MOGOL.

In summer 2008, I produced and I arranged the song RENDEZ VOUS for the artist KELLY JOYCE.
The song was chosen by"WIND"  as his soundtrack in TV commercial SPOT.

Rendez Vous was the first track of Summer Collection 2008 (600.000 album sold).

In 2009 the song “CHOCOLAT” - Kelly Joyce , produced and arranged by me was chosen as the soundtrack for the tv-spot of Parmalat Malù Cup.

In 2010 I wrote the music and the arrangements for the musical THE DIVINE COMEDY , produced by Teatro delle Erbe in Milan and directed by Maurizio Colombi.

In 2011 I was the musical director of " Blue note “, the jazz album of Kelly Joyce..

Still in 2012, I produced and arranged the debut album of the electro-rock band HUMANA .

In 2013 I produced and arranged the song "Life in a day" - TRAVIS COLD.
The song was released in Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and it arrived in a few weeks in the top 50 places in the ranking of the most played songs.
The video was broadcasted on MTV , DeejayTv , Match music, and in youtube was a real success.

In March of 2013 I've worked with the italian band SONOHRA (winners of Festival di Sanremo 2008).

In 2014 I arranged and conducted the song " La passione di un leone " , writen and interpreted by POVIA.
The song won the 55° Festival of Miccio Canterino in Italy (Forte dei Marmi).

In 2015 I arranged the song "Fai della vita il tuo capolavoro" for SYRIA (a famous italian singer, winner of Festival di Sanremo 1996).

In 2015 I arranged the song "L'imbranato del '56" for RENZO RUBINO.