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Working in close contact is obviously beneficial, however not always possible if you are not able to physically attend all sessions or live far away from me. This is not a problem; as an alternative to my italian and London based music production service, I have developed my own approach to produce your music remotely.

In order to achieve this, we will have our own communication stream alongside the entire process and will keep in touch through email and by sharing mp3 audio material for each step of the production.

All I need from you to get started is a separate vocal track (regardless the quality at this stage) for me to get a rough idea of a possible interpretation of your song. You can send me your project (Logic pro or Pro tools) through an FTP System I use where your files will be transferred in a secure mode. If you are happy with the first draft and want to move forward, we will then move on to assemble the final version.

How does it work?

  1. First of all, you will send me a separate vocal track of your song, alongside with a rought mix  (no matter the quality, it’s just to have and idea, even “guitar and voice” is fine).
  2. I'll realize a provisional music arrangement to let you listen to.
  3. Only if you accept my interpretation of your song I will continue to work on the definitive music production (recording all the music instruments required).
  4. In the end I'll need a good recording track of your voice and I'll mix and master your song.

Of course I'd prefer when we have a direct contact in order to develop a human rapport, but I think that you can have a good feeling with your producer even if you are not physically working alongside each other. The most important thing is to understand each other and I therefore value a lot building a good relationship with my clients/artists.

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