Music Arrangement: Tempo, Key and Structure

I don't think it’ s important to create a "beautiful arrangement", otherwise it’ s crucial to focus on the right sound for each song and artist.
We can say that an arrangement is right when it’s able to interpret music and lyrics in the right way.
Today musical technology has gone so far that I think it’s important not to lose the sense of emotional music.
The arrangement must do that too.

How to start

Let's focus on 3 elements:

  1. Tempo
  2. Key
  3. Structure


Tempo is a key factor in the arrangement.
Each song express differently if it is arranged in different speed.
It also changes the meaning of the song (think about how much can change the meaning of a song like "Yesterday" with an arrangement ska or reggae).
The speed can interpret (along with the rhythm) music and lyrics in different mode. In some cases it may be variable, in order to bring out every single part of the song.
Basically is always better to play the song without a click, so you are free to focus on only on the vocal line and then you can set a click on the best performance you did.


It's important to bring out the performer of the song.
Here it’s also important to test when the interpreter fails to excite more...


It's very important to create dynamics in a song.
The dynamics can be created basically in 3 ways:

  1. With the expressiveness of performers (musicians and singer)
  2. With the instrumental weight (how many instruments play)
  3. With a right structure

A good structure allow to create a dynamic in order to keep the listener always interested.



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