Lorenzo Sebastiani: Music Producer / Arranger in Italy & the UK

Lorenzo Sebastiani – Music Producer and Music Arranger

Welcome to my website

I have been working as a music arranger and music producer for more than twenty-five years and this website offers you a complete vision of my activity.

I have collaborated with internationally renowned music producers and artists (check my bio and collaborations) and I both work and live in Italy and London.

Find out how to collaborate with me remotely with my online or in-person music arrangements and production services.


A professional music and record producer

A professional music and record producer

I have worked with some of the top artists and music producers in the Italian music scene, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Adriano Celentano, Mogol, and have taken part in some of the major music events and productions. I have also produced music for some international stars like Skin from Skunk Anansie, Kelly Joyce, Rent Musical and many others.
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As a music producer, I believe it is essential to find an artist’s personal sound in order to allow them to express themselves freely and focus on their own skills, whether it is their vocal performance or song writing.
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Producing music in London

My recording studios

After many years working in Italy with all of the most important artists in my country I have decided to set up my activity here in London. I personally look after all steps of the music production process in order to keep full ownership of the sound and style of the songs I produce.Find out more about my services and how we can work together.

In terms of recording equipment I have two recording studios, one here and one back in Italy, with the latest technology and tap into an extensive network of resources with additional studio spaces, sound engineers and great musicians which allows me to create the right sound for each project I work on.

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Music production service

Music production services

In my view, a music producer is like a tailor or an architect. The key thing is to create a personal sound for each artist’s music and unveil a unique element in the voice, song and style.

Since I do not work as a songwriter, I focus all my efforts on creating the right sound for you and tailor a different sound for each and every artist. In order to do so, I do not only use my own studio but have access to different studios depending on the specific sound I am after. I can therefore provide the same quality of service working remotely for singers and bands.

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Il silenzio è bianco

by JJ Vianello | 2013 - JJ VIANELLO

Paper on the bed

by Travis Cold | 2013 - PERFECT DREAMER

All day thinking of you

by Kelly Joyce | 2008 - RENDEZ VOUS