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Online Music Arrangements

Online Music Arrangements

High standard music production services at affordable costs

Producing music remotely

Working in close contact is obviously beneficial, however not always possible if you are not able to physically attend all sessions or live far away from my Italian studio. This is not a problem; as an alternative to my London based music production service, I have developed my own approach to produce your music remotely.

In order to achieve this, we will have our own communication stream alongside the entire process and will keep in touch through email and by sharing mp3 audio material for each step of the production.

All I need from you to get started is a separate vocal track (regardless the quality at this stage) for me to get a rough idea of a possible interpretation of your song. You can send me your project (Logic pro or Pro tools) through an FTP System I use where your files will be transferred in a secure mode. If you are happy with the first draft and want to move forward, we will then move on to assemble the final version.

Find out more about my recording studios and equipment I use

A professional mix requires expertise and good equipment. Here in my music recording studios you will find all of these.

I have two recording studios where I work, one here in London and one in Italy. Both of them are fully equipped with high standard and professional technology for music recording. I also like to use vintage and analogue equipment and music instruments. Tools such as outboards, compressors, old reverbs or rare microphones help me give a colour and unique quality to the sound of my mixes by combining these effects with the latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Question

1- How is it possible to work together if we never see each other?

Unlike a photographer who works with a physical presence, a music producer works on building and arranging a sound, which is possible even when the artist is not present. I do think, however, working in contact in pre-production phase is quite important to set up the project on the right basis.

2- Which kind of files can I use to send you my songs?

It depends. At the beginning, to let me know your song, you can send me an mp3.
 When it comes to the final files, I need a professional format (WAV, AIFF; 44, 1 KHz or even more).

3- Is the quality of the “online production” the same of the regular face to face one?

Absolutely yes. This will not make any difference on the final result.

4- Is the price of the “online production” the same as the one for an “attended production”?

Yes, the price is the same and will ultimately depend on what kind of work we plan to do.
 Acoustic song, electro arrangement, band or singer; these are the factors that will influence the price and do not depend on the online music production or attended sessions modality.

5- Why do you use two recording studios, in Italy and in London?

Most of my work network is in Italy where I am now an established professional figure as a music producer. London is still a fairly new place for me, and I aim aiming to develop my work here at the same level as the one I have in Italy.

Moreover, owning a studio in Italy allows me to offer more competitive rates on my production services as costs will be much cheaper there. To give you an example, recording a strings orchestra in Italy costs on average 50% cheaper than in London. The quality of music will be the same if not better as we have a very established tradition and education of classical musicians in Italy.

6- Do you prefer working remotely or in attended sessions?

It is usually better when you have a direct contact in order to develop a human rapport, but I think that you can have a good feeling with your producer even if you are not physically working alongside each other. The most important thing is to understand each other and I therefore value a lot building a good relationship with my clients/artists.

7- Can I give you some advice regarding the sound I would like to have in my songs?

Absolutely, I very much encourage feedback from the artist as it is his/her work that is to be brought to light in music. So I need to know what is your expectation and preferences on your sound.

8- What happens if I dislike your idea?

If you tell me what you don’t like I will make sure to change and amend this. If you are unsatisfied with how the music is coming along you are free to interrupt our working relationship at any point.