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My point of view

My point of view

Read my point of view about music and music production

Why hire a Music Producer

What we normally perceive and define as ‘sound’ or ‘noise’, is nothing more than a series of vibrations which are captured and absorbed by our eardrums. These vibrations are moving air particles generated by a given ‘source of sound’. In reality, we are not able as human beings to hear all kind of noises. That would actually not (to be continued..)

What language for our songs?

In this article we will speak about the technique of sidechain compression, a very useful technique in the mixing phase but also used artistically, in electronic music for example, to get the so-called “ducking” effect. To start with, how does it works?A traditionally set-up compressor acts on the dynamics (to be continued..)

Everything changed

We all realized that the record companies do not invest more on new talents (except for who comes from talent shows..). This happens because the records don’t sell anymore. Illegal downloading has exceeded 90% of the legal (data IFPI 2010). But I don’t really think the music is in crisis..I’m convinced that it’s even more in the artists’ hands.