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Music production services

Music production services

Professional music production for single artists and bands

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What I offer

Singing well or having a good song is not enough to kick start a career in music. You need to have a good and personal sound.

Nowadays, anyone can create their own music with just the use of a laptop, which was impossible few years ago. At first, it can look like very easy thanks to the latest tools and music production software, but you will soon realise this is not actually that straightforward. You need more than good equipment, though this can make a huge difference. It is the expertise in shaping and creating a good sound which will give a cutting edge to your music.

This is where I come in: I help artists improving and finding their own sound. I do not work on the song writing process, but mainly focus my work on the music production and have mostly experience in ‘pop music’, electro and acoustic sounds.

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Music Production service available in London

I have two different recording studios where I produce music, one in London and one in Italy. I also work in other studios on different occasions. For example, I usually work in New York at Sterling Sound Studios to master my works.

I will chose the people and sound engineers to work with in studio depending on the sound I am after. As for many other parts and stages in the record production process, I tend to use a trusted network of people and studios.

Ultimately, I work as a music producer in London but have full flexibility to offer you a wider range of skills and resources. I also offer an entirely remotely based service – find out more information on my online music production.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the usual work plan when starting a music production?

As a first thing, we will work together in studio to create a pre-production. This is the first step where I create a first music arrangement with virtual instruments.

The following step is for me to record the real instruments instead of virtual sounds, starting with the rhythmic session (drums and bass), then guitars (acoustic and electric), keywords, synthesizer or any other instrument depending on the genre of your music and specific ones you need to record in your songs.

Once all the instruments have been recorded, we will then record your voice, and where necessary background vocals as well. Finally I will do the necessary editing on your voice and mix the song.

2- Do you record all the instruments together or separately?

This really depends on what sound and mood you are looking for. If you are a band with not a lot of professional experience, it can be a good idea to record each instrument separately. Likewise, this works better when recording with a metronome in order to pay special attention to each aspect of the musical execution.

On the other hand, if you want to convey in our music the human interaction and feel, it usually works better to record all instruments together and eventually over record any instrument where necessary.

3- What kind of music production equipment do you use?

In my opinion, the final output is far more important than the tools used to produce this. Having said that I do have a wide range of equipment and resources I use to make sure I can produce great music. Both the recording studios I work in, whether here in London or in Italy, have the right equipment and allow me to work at best.

4- I am a singer and don’t have any musicians. Can you help me?

Absolutely. I have a trusted network of musicians I regularly work with and normally prefer to work with them. They are all professionals and work with important artists but most importantly they are highly skilled musicians I work very well with.

5- Can I send you my song to listen in advance?

Definitely. This is one of the first things I will need from you. I need to know you and your music to be able to create a truly personal sound in your music.

6- I don’t have a professionally made record. Can I send you a sample anyway?

Not a problem. I am used to listen to rough mixes and can still get an idea of your voice, melody and lyrics of your songs, which is important.

7- What will be my input? Do I have to attend all studio sessions?

It depends. If you are a singer or a songwriter we will especially need to work closely in the pre-production phase to figure out the structure and tempo of the song as these are fundamental aspects to define from the onset. In order to make the right choice for all these elements, I will first need to listen to your voice in different keys and get an idea of your vocal range and find the right tonality and pace.

In this initial stage of the music arrangement your presence will be important for me to understand your style and get inspired by your artistic personality, as this is also a creative process for myself.

Eventually, I will be able to follow the entire production without you necessarily being around, but rather keeping in touch remotely, by email or phone. On the final stage, you will then come in again to sing the finalised version of the song.

8- I actually cannot attend all sessions. Can we work remotely?

As previously mentioned, yes. I do prefer to work together in some key stages but am able to produce your music working remotely and keeping in touch by emails and phone throughout the various steps of the process.

9- How long does it take to produce a song?

There is not really a standard timeframe as this will depend on a range of factors. If you are a singer with only one song to produce, I usually envisage a turnaround time of two weeks, whereas it generally takes 4 to 6 month to produce an album with 10 songs.

If you are a band with all the music arrangements already sorted, and only need to improve your sound, this normally takes 3 or 4 days per song. But then again, I do take my time to focus and create a personal sound for each band or singer I produce. It is not only about sounding good but sounding in a unique and personal way, so it can take more time to accurately research the right quality.

10- How much does it cost to produce a song/album?

I do not have a fix cost approach as each production has different needs and requirements from a resource point of view. Ultimately, this depends on the range of elements you want to focus on in your songs. For example, recording music with an acoustic rhythmic session will cost you more than when working with electronic rhythmic. Moreover, creating a certain type of sound can require additional work, so I normally give a quote on a case by case basis once I can better understand the type of output.

11- I would like to have a real strings orchestra. Does this cost a lot?

Usually, this is not too expensive. This is where I can take advantage of my recording studio in Italy and keep costs down for this kind of recording sessions. Moreover, if we work in the right way in advance of the recording session, we can minimise the number of musicians required.

12- What other range of services do you offer?

I am a music producer so can arrange your song, mix and record your band in my studio, and look after all the steps within the music production process. The only services I do not actually offer is song writing, though I can provide a range of already made songs if you need one.When not working remotely, I can also provide other tailored services in my recording studio in Stockholm, such as voice recording, post-editing and online mixing.

13- What if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

You do not have to worry about that. You just need to tell me what you are not sure about and we will do all the necessary amendments to make it sound right. I always keep a very open dialogue with all of my clients and can therefore make sure none of them is unsatisfied with my work.

14- Will you help me should I need further management after the music production?

I do not normally look after post production work as this is rather the job of the record label or music manager. Having said that, I can give you advice and point you in the right direction as much as possible.